5 simple steps to start your career as Software Tester

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In any of a major IT firm, software developers and software testers form a major role in their work and projects. They are the heart and soul of the projects that are acquired by the big IT giants from their clients. These are that equality assurance professional that makes sure there is no bug or any problem in the code or the software developed by the developer. They are supposed to have an eye for detail, be vigilant and also go through lots of stress to get the job done. It is a very significant part of any software development because they are going to test the quality and usability of the product. They remain involved in a project throughout and they are also available for post software delivery support.

Do you think you can become a software tester? Especially in cities like Pune which are becoming the next technology and the IT hub of India, there is a lot of scopes for you to learn. For instance, you can think that if you take software testing training with internship, you might learn a lot of things. Well, that may help you gain practical experience, you need to have other requisites to get to become the best software testing professional. 

Thus, here are those 5 steps you can work upon to start your career as a software tester.  

1. Basic degree:

To become a software tester, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field like engineering in computer science, IT or science with computers. Though it is not required all the time, you can gain some theoretical knowledge in the under graduation years. Here they may also teach you some useful skills that might be useful for you in the career of software testing. 


 2. Developing those skills:

You have to have the basic skills before entering into the job profile of software tester in Pune. For instance, find software testing training and internship program in Pune that can teach you basic levels of concepts such as knowing the several testing tools and how they operate, programming languages such as Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, C, Dot Net, etc. They need to be good in analysis and how to report the unusual bugs. They should also know how to work on Agile and Scrum. These all can be taught if you are on software testing live project training in Pune


3. Do some certifications:

When you want to work on live projects, you need to have as much as maximum certifications you can have. Thus, to prove your mettle, get good certifications such as ISTQB certification. They can help you with getting the jobs quickly. 


 4. Grab some good internship opportunities:

You need to always have some prior industrial experience when you are entering into the corporate world. You need to get a good software testing internship in Pune if you want to stand out in the career fairs and the job fairs. 


 5. Refer to good training material and resources:

When you are interested in pursuing a software tester career in future, go through some good tester training and resources. You have the software testing training and internship program in Pune that you can participate and gain access to some good resources. 



Thus, survey some good options in the software testing profile and make sure you are ready for this role. You might be termed as the unsung hero for the development projects and often are at the receiving end with the doubts of the customers. Therefore, create a network and reach out to the career experts to have a smooth ride in your career.

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